A Personal Training Schedule or an Online Coaching Package?
This will help you get ready for your next race, your next goal or just to build up your running skills.

Personal Training Schedule

Your schedule will be tailored to your needs and abilities and will get you to your goal in the best possible way.

Online Coaching Package

You will get a tailor made schedule for your
running goal. During training you can contact me with any questions and I will check in on your progress through email or text message. During a 3 month period we will discuss what your problem areas are, what you should do to improve in these areas and what changes this brings to your running. We will have phone or online contact once a month to discuss anything that needs some extra attention or for adjusting things in your training.


Preferred language

Contact ME

To contact me for any questions or information you can contact me at the e-mail below. Of course you can also contact me by leaving a comment on YouTube or on my Facebook page. If you would like to coloborate on a video or if you would like me to run and film a specific event please send me an e-mail.


snail mail

Arno Tessers
Vettenoordstraat 67A
3131TP Vlaardingen
The Netherlands

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