The Big 3
February 21, 2020

Today I want to share with you the 3 best exercises for runners. If you don’t do any strength training, or don’t have time to do exercises. If you can’t be bothered to do 20 different exercises so you just skip them all together. Just do these 3 exercises, they are simple to do, don’t take much time at all and man are they great for your overall performance.

For the first exercise you stand up straight in a wide stance and slowly bend through your knees. Go down as far as you can go without falling over. Try and put your arms in front of you with your elbows pushing your knees outwards. Just sit like this for a minute. Now I realize at first this might not be that easy, you might not be able to go down real far, it might be hard to balance or you can’t hold this position that long. That is just fine. Try to do it as best as you can for as long as you can. You might have to put your hand out to keep from falling or not go down as far, but if you keep doing this exercise you will get better at it and it will help you tremendously as a runner. The strength in your legs, your feet, it will help you with balance and with speed, this is a great exercise to do and I recommend it as a daily exercise that you can do pretty much anywhere at any time.


Exercise number two is one that seems very easy and maybe at some point was very easy, but over the years got harder to do. Now you want to make sure you have a softer area to do this on or use an exercise mat or something like it. All the exercise is is to sit down on your knees with your feet flat and your butt on your heels. That’s it. Sounds simple enough, but for most of us it is not. I remember as a kid I could sit like this for a long time, I could even bend backwards all the way and lay down with my knees bend, no way that is happening now anymore. When we grow up we don’t sit on the ground as much anymore, we are not used to sitting on our knees, bending our knees, being close to the ground. When you were a kid you were always on the ground, picking stuff up off the ground, playing on the ground and you know what else you were as a kid? Flexible and fast, this exercise seems easy, trust me it’s not, when you start out it might get painful pretty fast, but do it with something soft under your knees and try and sit like this for a minute a day and it will really help your flexibility and speed as a runner.


Exercise number three is the easiest one out of the three, but also a bit harder to perform, because for this one you will need a bar (insert cheers) no, a bar you can hang from or exercise rings, something that you can hang on. I have one of those things you can hang in your door way and do pull ups on, so you need something like this or you could go somewhere outside where you’ll find something you can hang on. And that is also the entire exercise, you just hang there. It might not seem like much of an exercise, but trust me, when you hang there for a little bit you’ll notice it will start to get harder to keep hanging there. It’s great to stretch out your back, you shoulders, your arms. It’s a good core exercise and together with the other 2 exercises you have a great basis to start performing better.


With all three exercises, that seem really simple at first, but might prove to be a little bit more difficult when you first try them, you can see great improvement fairly quickly. You’ll adjust to the exercise and once you get the hang of it they will become easier and easier to perform. They will not only help you with your running, but will also make a lot of other exercises a lot easier to perform. So if you were only to do 3 exercises, these are the 3 to start working on now to help you become a better runner. In my 40 day schedule the Big 3 exercises are on there for every single day and they are one of the steps to get me to run faster and run the half marathon under 1:30, so join me next time for some more steps on becoming a faster runner. Until next time, get out there and run.

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