Koanna Sauna Blanket Test
December 15, 2021

As a runner, athlete, fitness addict or whatever sport you enjoy, it all takes a lot out of us and puts strain on our body. This is why we have rest days and why we need to recover from our training. The Koanna Sauna blanket is a product that can actually help with this. I’ve been testing it for over a month now to see how it can be used as an addition to my training and in what ways it can be useful for you too, so let’s have a look. 

What is the Koanna Sauna blanket?

Basically it’s like a big sleeping bag that you get in to, that heats up to give you an infrared sauna experience. The temperature can go up to 80 degrees celsius (176F), so yeah, it’s like a sauna. 

So what are the benefits you could have from using the Koanna Blanket?

According to Koanna it can help you:

– improve sleep 

– release toxins 

– boost immunity

– burn calories

– reduce stress

– get glowing skin

– recover faster

Now glowing skin might not make you a better runner, but all these other things could actually be great for your run training, so of course I was curious to find out if it worked and if my running could benefit from this. 

The first time I used it I wanted to be careful, so did 60 degrees for 30 minutes. A normal session is 60 minutes and I found out right away that you’re better off doing an hour. It takes time for your body to warm up and start sweating, so you benefit more from the second 30 minutes than the first. 

After I got the hang of it and worked up to 80 degrees it was getting a little bit addictive. I can’t always do it, cause you need to make time for it, but whenever I could I would turn on a movie and work up a sweat in the blanket. Now you’re not just sweating a little bit, it’s a full workout kinda sweat. 

Your body wants to cool, so it’s sweating and getting your heart rate up, it actually feels like a workout. It’s hard to say exactly, but it’s estimated to burn about 600 calories, so that is a nice burn. 

Also the fact that my knee was injured made me want to see if this would help with that. The infrared heat helps with your blood flow and therefore speeds up the healing process. Now you don’t have to be injured for this, it also works with just regular recovery from your training. So after a hard workout or a long work day it’s great to schedule in a session in the sauna blanket. 

I would mostly use it during the day, but a lot of people use it at night to have a nice relaxing session that helps them sleep. After using it I can see how that would work. When I’m done with my session I’m actually exhausted, it feels like I’ve worked out and the heat just makes you tired too. At the same time I also feel energised though in a relaxed way, so although it’s exhausting it is a great experience. 

Now of course you can also use it at a lower setting. When I go in I want to sweat, so I set it for 80 degrees, but you can also just set it for 50 and have a relaxing time being nice and toasty. Or if you just want your legs to recover, only go in half way and use it to stimulate the blood flow in your legs. 

So all those claims that Koanna made I actually experienced and believe work, I don’t know about the glowing skin, but I’m not too worried about that. 

The things that will help me with my run training actually work and will make me a better runner. Besides all that it just feels really great too, so it’s become a great little ritual. The Koanna blanket is compact, easy to store, easy to use and easy to clean, so in my book a great product. Most times I would use it after my run and after using the Air relax, get in a massage first and then the sauna, sometimes you just have to treat yourself. 

Now at the moment the blanket goes for €399, which is a bit of an investment, but it’s like having a sauna at home. You don’t have to go to a spa and you can use it all the time. You’re not gonna go to the spa every day or probably not even once a week, but with the Koanna blanket you could and you don’t have to leave your home. And if you want a €30 discount use ‘ARNO30’ as a promo code at checkout. 

If you want to see me use the Koanna Sauna Blanket you can check the video below or pick out one for yourself at the Koanna Website.

If you’d like to learn more about Koanna and Weight loss, check this article.

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