Gear and Gadgets
March 3, 2020

In order to run faster or help me run better I have some gear and gadgets that I’ll be using to hel pme along. So the next 5 things in the list of 20 things to run faster are gear and gadgets.

First of it’s good gear. And this doesn’t necesarily have to be the same for everybody. You might like a certain brand or item when somebody else feels more comfortable with something else.
For me, I really enjoy the X-bionic running gear. I’ve done several review videos of their items and for my race I’ll be wearing my X-bionic run shirt and shorts.

The most important thing in your running gear are your shoes and for this race to attempt to pick up the speed I’ll be running in my Nike Vaporfly Next%. They have helped a lot of people set new PRs and helped me on my last half marathon so I really do think they will give me some advantage.

One thing I’ve noticed over time that does make a difference during the run and also after my run is run compression socks. They help with the blood flow during the run which is a big plus, but also helps with recovery during training. So I’m wearing them during my race, but also during all my training runs.

Another thing that really helps with recovery is an item I reviewed a little while ago. The Air Relax. This awesome machine massages your legs with air cushions and speeds up your recovery.
Now you might wonder how this makes you faster, but the faster you recover, the more you can train and the better rested you are, the more new effort you can put into your next training. So the Air Relax is a big help during my training.

Item number five is a gadget that I love running with. It’s Stryd, a little pod you connect to your shoe and helps you to run with power so you always know how much effort you’re putting in during your run.
I’ll go into some more detail in a review video that is coming up, but I’ll be using it during my training and during the race to get a better insight into how I’m doing.

So that’s 5 more things to help me run faster.
Good running gear.
Nike Vaprofly Next%
Compression socks for better circulation
The Air Relax for the best recovery
Stryd to help me be aware of my running performance

That’s 16 items so far with 4 more coming up so don’t miss the next episode and until next time, get out there and run.

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