Fun things for Runners
April 28, 2020

Now that a lot of us can’t run outside anymore I thought it would be a good idea to look at some other fun stuff for runners. Things you can do besides running that is interesting for runners or that you normally might not have time for, but now you do.

First of all you want to stay in shape of course and if you can’t go running or if you want to add to your run training, doing strength and speed exercises are a great addition to a runners training. But I’ve covered this in a few videos already, so I won’t spend more time talking about that in this video.

Running always takes up a lot of time, so between that and work and things at home, we don’t always have a lot of time left over. So if now you find yourself at home with a lot more time on your hands it might be nice to just Relax for a bit. Take it easy, go for a walk, sit in the sun and take a break from the hectic life most of us lead. I know it’s tough, I’m always doing things and find it hard to spend time doing ‘nothing’ cause there is always something I want to be doing, but it can be very nice to sometimes just relax.

There are of course things you can do while you relax too, like watching a movie. And there happen to be quite a bit of movies about running. A while ago I made a video with a top 10 of best movies about running. I’ll leave the link in the description, so you can check out those movies. If you check out the comments on that video you might also find some suggestions from other people who mentioned running movies that didn’t end up in the video.

There are also a lot of running documentaries tot watch, I’ve been working on a list for that to make a video and that is coming up very soon now. I think there might be even more documentaries about running than there are movies, so if you’re in to running documentaries that is something you could be watching now.

You can sit back and read a book about running or maybe a biography of a famous runner, there are a lot of books out there about running. I’ll leave a list in the description so you can find some titles easily. I now for me reading is one of those things that I don’t take the time for normally so now could be a really good time to take some time to pick up a book.

Do you have something like this at home? Or maybe something like this? All these medals that we get at races can really add up. For me it’s mostly the ones that I like the most that end up in a drawer, because I plan to hang them up and display them, but I want to get the perfect way to do it and then don’t get around to do it and the medals end up in the drawer for way too long. I’m going to spend some time sorting that out very soon.

I like to plan my races, now all my planning didn’t work out too well right now, but this is not stopping me from planning. A lot of the races that we like to do involve registering and traveling. These races can get expensive so we need to safe up money for them, so there is a lot of planning. I’ve got a rough idea of some big races I want to run and I’ve planned some of them ahead as far as 2024 already. So now could be a great time to look ahead and see what races you would like to do in the future. Make a plan of where you’d like to travel to to do a race. Find out how or when you can register for certain races and make a schedule for yourself so you get an idea of how you can achieve your goals.
See even though we’re not running I’m still advising you to make a schedule and set goals. I just like schedules.

One of my favourite things for running is trying new gear. Now if you can’t run right now, trying new gear might not be an option just yet, but buying new gear online on sale could be. So check online for sales items that you might need for when you’re ready to go running again. A lot of brands also have specials sales for customers who subscribe to their newsletter. I know Adidas and Nike have this and a lot of times I get emails when they have a pre sale on items for customers so I can get to the items first before they run out of my size.

And that brings me to another tip for you and that is Newsletters. A lot of companies have great newsletters with tons of information for runners. Run magazines and running brands often have newsletters with tips for runners or articles about run related topics. I subscribe to the Stryd newsletter and right now they also do a lot of webinars that you can watch. Adidas Runtastic is a great newsletter with tons of tips for runners. And of course there are also a lot of Run magazines like Runner’s world or trail runner’s magazine that you can get online subscriptions for.

OK, so at the danger of now giving you too many things to do and leaving you with no time to relax I will stop this list of tips of fun things for runners. I hope you enjoyed these tips, until next time, stay safe.

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