About Me
About me
My name is Arno and I’m a runner. I started running when I was around 16 years old I think. Never cared much for it, would  only run short distances and saw it more as a chore or a necessary evil. I would run for a couple of weeks then stop for months, start up again for some weeks and not run for a year. I played indoor soccer for years and didn’t do any running besides on the soccer pitch, but when I stopped playing soccer I was looking for something else to do. When I heard somebody else talking about running a half marathon at Disneyland Paris I thought that would be a great thing to train for and to prove to myself that I could actually run a half marathon.  The thing is, when I commit to something and enjoy it there is a risk of me going overboard. Getting through the first months of training was rough, I still didn’t feel like running all the time, but I was determened to succeed. When I noticed the improvements I was making it started to become fun. The plan was to train for a half marathon, make it to the finish and that would be the end of it. After running through Disneyland Paris I was hooked to running. I couldn’t wait to run my next race and before I knew it I had signed up for my next half marathon, which led me to sign up for my first marathon, which led me to make all these plans for all kinds of races and start filming all my running adventures along the way.  I kept wanting to learn more about how to improve and how other people train. I ended up doing a course to become a Running Coach so that now I can help other people with their training and to achieve their goals.  My videos are a way for me to log my runs, to be able to look back at the races I’ve run, but also a way to connect to other runners. To help them, to get help from them, to show people the races they might have missed or to show people a memory of a race they ran themselves. Like I said I can go overboard on things, so I’ve done a lot of reading and learning about running, training, your body, food, different events and love to share what I’ve found out along the way.  On my Youtube channel you can find all the videos I’ve made, so don’t forget to subscribe there. On Facebook I post the videos and also photos of races or other running related things that don’t always make it into a video. Both sites are also a good way to get in touch with me by leaving comments or sending me a message.  I hope you enjoy the website and make sure you don’t forget to check Facebook and Youtube for all the new stuff that I post.
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Dopey Challenge Training Schedule
For a Personal Training Plan or Online Coaching check the Training Page.
Disneyland Paris will have a 36K challenge for the second time this year during their Magic Run Weekend. If you run the 5K, 10K and half marathon you will get all three medals plus an extra medal for running the 31K challenge and  another medal for running the 36K challenge. In order to get ready for these races I have made a running schedule for you that you can download.  The schedule is easily adjustable and you can change it to fit your fitness.  I’ll be posting videos of my training to keep you posted on how things are going and to provide tips on how to get ready for your  36K challenge. The schedule starts on May 20th and you can start at 5K level or 10K level, depending on what you’re comforable  running already. If you want to start at 10K, but still need to work up to that I have a schedule that starts on February 25th that will train you for a 10K.  Download the 36K Challenge schedule here for Free:  Download the 10K schedule here for Free:
36K Challenge Training Schedule
If you are training for the Dopey Challenge in Walt Disney World and are looking for a training schedule you can download one for Free here. Again 2 versions to download depending on what system you use. 
Planned Runs
Disney’s Virtual Running Shorts 2019 Disneyland Paris 36K Challenge  -  20-22/9/2019 South Africa Big 5 Marathon  -  June 2019 Tilburgse Kermis Run 2019 Berlin Marathon 29/9/2019 Dopey Challenge 8/1/2020
Past Runs
Disney RunsDisneyland Paris half marathon 2016Disneyworld Star Wars Dark Side 5K, 10K, half marathon 2017 Disneyland Paris 5K, 10K, half marathon 2017 Disneyworld Dopey Challenge 2018 Disney’s Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon 2018 Disney’s Virtual Running Shorts 2017 Disney’s Virtual Running Shorts 2018 Disneyland Paris 36K Challenge 2018 MarathonsAthens Marathon 2018     4:42:24Rome Marathon 2018       4:01:58 Disney World Marathon   3:57:26 Half MarathonsCPC half marathon Den Haag 2018    1:43:55 Amsterdam Half Marathon 2017         1:43:40 Fun RunsUrban Trail Rotterdam 2019 Amersfoort City Trail 2019 Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon 2019 Urban Trail Antwerpen 2019 Ugly Sweater Run 2018 Santa Run Vlaardingen 2018 Utrecht Urban Culture Run 2018 Urban Trail Rotterdam 2018 Urban Trail Utrecht 2018 Tilburgse Kermis Run La Chouffe TrailUrban Trail Den Haag 2018 Urban Trail Zwolle  2018 Snow World Fun Run Urban Trail Breda                   Urban Trail Eindhoven 2018        Urban Trail Leeuwarden 2018 Urban Trail Maastricht 2018 Urban Trail Amsterdam 2018 Duinrell 10K 2018 Urban Trail Groningen 2018 Silent Night Run Amsterdam 2018 Urban Trail Den Haag 2017 Urban Trail Eindhoven 2017 Utrecht Urban Culture Run 2017 Safari Run Beekse Bergen 2017 Pizza run Amsterdam 2017 Royal Run 2017 VTM loop Maasdijk 2017 Damloop by night 8K 2017 London River Rat Race 2017 London River Rat Race 2016 London River Rat Race 2015
Urban Trail Leeuwarden 2018 Running through some amazing buildings in the capitol of Friesland. Urban Trail 4 of 10 this year was a great race. Museums, bars, parks, music and not that many stairs this time.
Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon by Run Disney When Disney announced the SW virtual run in January I thought it would be a cool medal to have, but wasn’t sure if I would run it. I figured I would have to find a fun way to run it and make a different kind of video out of it. I think I came up with something fun that is a little different than the other runs. You can’t run this race through Disneyland and I’m not running the Dark Side at Disney World this year, so this is as close as it gets for me right now.
Urban Trail Maastricht 2018 A run through the city center of Maastricht. Focusing on the main sites, but also the places you wouldn't normally go. Running through buildings you wouldn't dare to run through normally. The Urban Trail runs are a lot of fun and for this edition the organization set out a beautiful course. It's my third Urban Trail run of the year and with my goal in participating in all 10 I have still seven more to go.
Rome Marathon 2018I ran the Marathon of Rome 2018. What a great race! I love the city of Rome and all it's history, so running a course past all the great sites and monuments of Rome was a real treat. It was a hot day, which made the race a tough one. Also running around with a GoPro and zig zagging from side to side or running back even for a good shot made it a lot longer race than it should be. According to my app I ran 46km instead of 42.2km. It was a great weekend and I got to see a huge part of Rome, not only during the race, but also walking around the city the days before the race. The video is a bit longer than most other videos, but it's a long race and there was a lot to see. I hope you enjoy what I've done with it and can't wait to start planning my next adventure.
For all other videos check my Youtube channel
Stadswild Silent Night Run Amsterdam 2018 A fun run of 6km where the runners were not allowed to speak the entire run. Through the center of Amsterdam we ran with a lot of stops for exercises, due to the darkness I was not able to capture all the stops and activity and almost didn't post this video, but decided to make a video out of the footage I had anyways. As a bonus at the end of the video I have a short video of a magician at Hollywood Studios Disney World. I thought he was very entertaining and very good, so wanted to share this with you.
Urban Trail Amsterdam 2018 A great 10K course through Amsterdam North. A very cold day, but a great run. More industrial than last Urban Trail, a lot of old shipyards and industrial buildings transformed to offices or restaurants.
Duinrell Fun Run10K through amusement park Duinrell. Cold day, but a good day for running. A fun event set up to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. A 5K loop that I ran twice through the park and surrounding campsite. The big hill to the look out was a tough one and the steep hill down caused some problems for some people, as I had to pick someone up from the ground, but the overall course was a fun run for the approximately 600 runners.
Urban Trail Groningen 2018Running through the city of Groningen, The Netherlands during the Urban Trail Groningen 2018 With 20 sites to run through this was a great edition of the Urban Trails. A 10K route through the city center with plenty of sites to see. The first Urban Trail run in 2018 of my 10 planned runs this year.
Disney World Marathon 2018Race 4 of 4 in the Dopey Challenge of the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend 2018 What a great challenge this was. The marathon turned out to be pretty tough after the other 3 races, but had an amazing time and met some really great people along the way. The video is a bit long, but for a 4 hour race there was a lot of footage, I filmed the entire thing. I tried to put all the mile markers, characters and entertainment in here so everybody who ran can see most of the things they saw when running and for those that weren't there they can see everything that goes on during a Disney Marathon.
Disney World 10K 2018As part of 4 races, this is the 10K in the Dopey Challenge. I loved this race, short enough to be an easy race, long enough to have plenty of entertainment on the course and even though it was freezing cold waiting before the race to start it was so much fun hanging out with everybody.
The Castaway Cay Challenge 2018 As part of Disney Marathon weekend. This is race 5 for me after the Dopey Challenge. A great 5K run on Disney’s own island Castaway Cay in the Bahamas during a wonderful Disney Cruise on The Dream. I left a large portion of the race unedited in this video cause it’s a ‘there and back’ course and most runners would be able to see themselves running. Of course it’s easy to skip through this. Start loop back at 5:30 until 13:00 (for if you want to skip this part) As the fifth race that week I thought it would probably be the toughest one, the marathon was on Sunday and this race on Wednesday, but it turned out to be a great race. I felt fit and recovered already after two days of having trouble walking. :-) It was nice and warm while we waited for the race to start and I was very pleased to be right at the start line for the 5th race in a row. During the race it was a bit warm and humid, but I had a wonderful time running around the island.
Disney World Half Marathon 2018Race 3 of the Dopey Challenge. A lot of characters and great people on and along the course. I had an amazing time and with me a little over 20.000 other people who ran this half marathon.
Disney World 5K 2018Running the 5K in Walt Disney World for the 2018 Dopey Challenge. I loved this race, it was over before I knew it and not that many characters on the course, but a lot of fun at the start and met a lot of new people. Starting at the start line of corral A was awesome and I was lucky enough to have that spot for every single race. The first race of 4 in the Dopey Challenge.
Urban Trail Eindhoven 2018The Urban Trail Eindhoven is a run through the center of Eindhoven where you run through buildings you normally would not be able to run or even walk through. The weather was not ideal, but the snow made for a very cool experience.
Online Coaching Package
Personal Training
For personal training you would need to be in the Netherlands. If you would like to work on your running technique, improve your running skills, become a faster or stronger runner. You can plan a personal training session. During this running session we’ll look at how to improve your running and what the best training method is for you.  A personal training session costs $75 per session and lasts somewhere between 1,5 to 2 hours.  For weekly or monthly sessions there is a discounted rate. Contact me about pricing, this also depends on your personal needs. 
You need help with your training?
For those who need some extra coaching there is the online coaching package. You will get a tailor made schedule for your running goal. During training you can contact me with any questions and I will check in on your progress through email or text message. During a 3 month period we will discuss what your problem areas are, what you should do to improve in these areas and what changes this brings to your running. We will have phone or online contact once a month to discuss anything that needs some extra attention or for adjusting things in your training.  To start the coaching package I will need all the information mentioned above in the ‘personal schedule area’  The cost for this more personal approach is $89 for 3 months. 
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Personal Training Schedule
For tips on training check out my You Tube channel. I have over a hundred running videos on there with tips for runners and help with your training and motivation. If you need some extra help with your training I have a couple of other options.  I can make a Personal Training Schedule for you. This will help you get ready for your next race, your next goal or just to build up your running skills.   In order to make this schedule you need to provide me with the following information: Name, age, sex, height and weight. Let me know your history in running, what your current level is, what distance you are comforable  running, how much time you can spend per week, if you have any injuries, if you are doing other sports and what your goal is  for your training.  Your schedule will be tailored to your needs and abilities and will get you to your goal in the best possible way.  The cost for a personal schedule is $29
36K Schedule